Other Cross-Canada Job Resources

See also HRDC & Major Canada Job Sites for very comprehensive pointers to job listing sites in Canada. The sites below (although they do contain job listings) are often specific to industry or area, or limited in some other way.

CharityVillage.com Main Page
Job listings in the Canadian not-for-profit sector. Free for job-seekers--and look around the site, there's more than just job listings here.

Canadian Women's Internet Assoc.
Great idea. Small number of listings but it could grow!

The Parksville-Qualicum Career Centre
Mainly focussed on BC but very useful for job seekers and career changers across Canada. One of the country's first prominent employment/career sites.

Career Place
for Canadian First Nations women.

The Globe & Mail Job Listings
By the way--explore this site...there's a lot more than just job listings.

Links to Canada (and World) Newspapers
Not all the newspapers list jobs--but lots do. In any case, this is a great resource for workers considering moving to find employment.

Resume Canada
free job search but you pay to post resumes.

Career Click
The Vancouver Sun and Province have joined forces to bring this wondeful site. Job listings and a whole lot more.

BC Government Job Postings
Includes an online application form.

Wide Area Employment Network
designed for those with functional limitations, but widely useful.

Canadian Career Page
This site has a database of jobs all over Canada, and some other resources and links helpful to job hunters.

RCMP Recruiting
Royal Canadian Mounted Police recruiting site.


non-profit job seeking assistance for ex-service personnel (military/police)

Canada Council for the Arts
Looking for arts/music/performing funding/grants?

Canada CareerMosaic
High tech job listings search engine.

Career Internetworking
tech jobs & other professional positions from across Canada.

Public Service Job Listings (Gov. of Canada)
Just like it says.

Worknet Canada
This site is not affiliated with CanWorkInfoNet or the other WorkInfoNets but it does have listings of company personnel departments.

Search this site a few different ways.

more IT jobs.

Canada WorkInfoNet
(repeat listing) job listings and MUCH more at this major Federal Gov't sponsored site.

Canadian Computing Careers
Cross Canada computing jobs.

Canadian Engineering Network
...what it says.

Theatre and other arts sector jobs.

Department of National Defence Recruiting
The recruiting page for the Canadian Forces.

Education Canada
Are you a teacher. This site has cross-Canada listings.

Forestry Employment Bulletin Board
Forestry sector employment listings. Small number of listings but interesting jobs.

Pro/E Job Network

Frontline Resources
Job listings for construction and related industrial trades.

Hi Tech Career Centre
high tech job listings.

Canadian Advanced Technology Association job listings.

Canada Links section. Don't forget...to some folks, Canada isoverseas.

Job Shark
a job and resume database which seems to have some very good positions listed.

National Graduate Register
For University graduates.

Free job listings but you pay to post a resume.

high tech job listings.

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