Education & Training Resources

Here are the most efficient sites we can find for those looking for training or education in Canada and/or around the world.

We can't over-emphasize how important we think appropriate (and continuing) education is for success in today's evolving work market, and we again suggest that you take personal advantage of the very skilled help that can be found (for example) at your local school board, community college or university counselling department, or at the number of very well equipped career counselling agencies available across the country.

Furthering your education takes an investment in time and (often substantial amounts of) money--and often requires the understanding and support of those closest to you. Professional guidance can be more helpful than we could describe here in making sure your investment gets you the results you wish.

As well, we suggest that you take a detailed look at the information available on our Labour Market & Business Information page, before you invest training--for the same reasons that we suggest you obtain the help of career/education professionals. An informed choice is a better choice.

Christina DeMello's very simple list of pretty much every University or College in Canada. It loads fast and it works.

Open Learning Agency
British Columbia's Open Learning Agency is a unique, fully accredited, publicly funded educational leader providing a wide range of formal and informal educational and training opportunities for learners around the world.*

Canadian Education on the Web
This is a very good attempt to include a pointer to every Candian education resource, all on one site. Commercial education sites, community colleges...journals, libraries, elementary and secondary schools...(you get the idea). Very hard work, updated constantly, very easy to navigate and we think it's terrific. Maybe try this site first if you're searching for Canadian information on the 'Net.

WWW Virtual Library: Education (main Page)
Worldwide education resources, including this list of resources by country. The main site allows you to search for educational resources by type, education level or aphabetically AND there is a nice set of UseNet education related links. Wonderful site.

Distance Education: Canada
This is part of the WWW Virtual Library: Education site, but--considering the subject, we've listed it separately.

Canada WorkInfoNet Main Entry Page
Lots of education and training resources are contained here, all across Canada. Note that you will also find links to the partner WorkInfoNet sites from across the country, like BC WorkInfoNet. The provincial partner sites can often be a helpful way to get to regional information a bit quicker.

School Finder An online Post Secondary School Finder. Search by types of Programs.

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