First Nations Focus

The sites below are listed here because they have labour market information specific to First Nations people, not because they lead to places that only hire or primarily hire First Nations People. The resources, though, can be very helpful when deciding on future career plans, additional education, developing or changing markets--or the impact of legislative changes on aboriginal work, job opportunities or enterprises.

We recommend, for the best results, that you integrate the information you find below with the information found under Labour Market & Business Information and the job listing pages here at Datadigr.

We also recommend, when possible, that you discuss your job search or career planning with the people at your local band office, tribal council, and/or development corporation and with your elders, as well as with trained professional career development and First Nations resource people at local career centres, colleges and universities.

Aboriginal Youth Business Council
First Nations Youth Entrpreneurial site

Career Place
for Canadian First Nations women.

FirstNations Studies...
at the University of Northern British Columbia

Bill's Aboriginal Links: Canada
Lots of information here that has application to education, business and employment concerns.

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