Hot Career Info Meta-Sites

The sites on this page may have job listings or pointers to job listings (in fact, the large majority do have job listings or pointers), but to be listed on this page the site has to offer a whole lot more.

They have to be real meta-sites...sites that point to LOTS, of resources for people who are looking for work or a career or a career change. Some of these sites exercise some editorial or quality control, but some simply link to everything that even remotely appropriate. Be curious and be cautious and critical. If in doubt--check.

For the Human Resources Development Canada sites, go to HRDC & Major Canada Job Sites. Otherwise...grab a cuppa what you want and make sure your chair is comfortable. If you hit these sites, you'll likely be at the screen for a while :-)

"The Riley Guide."
The first employment meta-site on the 'Net, this is now nick-named The Grandmother of All Employment Sites except it's only old in Internet terms, it's still easily one of the best--and it points to resources all over the world.

The Monster Board's a MONSTER! Excellent!

Requires (free) registration, but it's a good site.


(repeat listing)Very comprehensive. Especially check out the sections on UseNet and National Companies.

Canada WorkInfoNet
(repeat listing) job listings and MUCH more at this major Federal Gov't sponsored site. This site is so well done and so complete for Canadians, we would't want you to miss it.

Remember again: You'll see a lot of repeats on the sites above--and on the sites throughout the Datadigr Career & Employment Sites and Resources--but no-one has ALL the possible job-related links all in one place. Better repetition than not enough choices.

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