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Below you will find a real mixed bag of sites containing or linking to (interpreted widely) labour market information. Included are industry-specific sites, sites targeted at specific groups, and some sites that offer resources for self-assessment, as well as much more general sites. Although some of these sites may contain job listings or links to job listing sites--they are on this page because they provide information (for instance) that is useful in determining which economic sectors provide what types of opportunites or what the labour market is for various skill sets. Or the site may provide information on job-hunting techniques, or articles on how to use labour market information. Like we said: a mixed bag of stuff. Note: the categories (while not arbitrary) are not etched in stone, either...explore the sites for additional useful information.

When it comes to the self-assessment material--we STRONGLY recommend that you at DO NOT let these resources be a replacement for professional counselling services. Online self-assessment materials can be helpful, but they can also be misleading without good interpretation. There is no good substitute for personal contact with a trained professional who can help you integrate assessment information with who you are as a person. As we've mentioned elsewhere on this site, there is quality help available pretty much anywhere you are, and we STRONGLY recommend that you take advantage of it. The bottom line is: take the results critically and with a grain of salt and, remember, the folks at the site don't have a clue about you or your background, likes and dislikes, personal tastes and so on.

We've included some sites that have a strongly regional flavour, and we've included them because either we thought they'd be simply interesting or--more likely--because we felt that the information has a wider application than just for folks in the linked-site region. We caution, however, that this is another case where you are advised to examine the information carefully and to check with a local employment development or career counselling pro to make sure that the info is applicable for you, where you live.


Labour Market Info (general)

Making Career Sense of Labour Market Information
Hosted at the Centre for Education Information Standards & Services site (see below), this online publication WAS a very detailed and informative look at what labour market information is and how it can be used. Although aimed at career development professionals, we still think it's a very valuable and useful document for anyone looking to find work or develop or change a career. Note, though, that the information is archived and somewaht dated.

BC Labour Market and Career Information Association 

Changing Times
Billed as *The Labour Market Information Webzine for the Career Practitioner*, this is another one of those cases where we think you will find it widely useful. The articles are challenging, controversial and often provide a point of view that is decidedly at odds with more commonly expressed views. We love this site!

Work Futures
Information on the futures of various jobs by occupational category.

HRDC: Job Outlooks 2005
What it says.

A site designed for career professionals--but why shouldn't you have the information they have? :-)

BC Stats
What it says.

WIRED Magazine's Collection of...
terrific articles on the new global economy. Recommended reading even for those not directly or predominantly involved in technology-related work. Also see: The Encyclopedia of the New Economy.

Collective Reflection on the Changing Workplace
More thinking about work in the evolving economy.

Fast Company
A monthly webzine about work in the evolving economy. Excellent.

Links to Canada (and World) Newspapers
(repeat listing) Not all the newspapers list jobs--but lots do. In any case, this is a great resource for workers considering moving to find employment. Remember, too, that critical reading of newspapers can alert you to opportunities that are not listed in the help-wanted sections.


Sites with Mixed Resources

The Mining Company Job Search Canada Site
(repeat listing) Employment Development professional Brian Mairs handles the editor's duties at this well-designed site. Note: he was already well known for the pioneering Brian Mairs' Native Links. Great pointers to *how to* articles and resources for interviews, resumes, etc.

Labour Market Support Services
Career Planning Guide, and High Demand Occupations for Manitoba.

Another major career development information site from the folks at HRDC. Very attractive and fun. Loaded with information.

CareerPaths Online
This site contains a career planning guide and articles of interest. Worth a good explore.

The Globe & Mail Career Connect
Explore this site...there's a lot more than just job listings. Excellent.

Canada WorkInfoNet Main Entry Page
(repeat listing) Explore the site for information on income assistance, training...pretty much you name it if it has to do with employment. Note that you will also find links to the partner WorkInfoNet sites from across the country, like BC WorkInfoNet. The provincial partner sites can often be a helpful way to get to regional information a bit quicker.

*The Riley Guide*
The first well-known, major employment meta-site on the 'Net, this is now nick-named The Grandmother of All Employment Sites except it's only old in Internet terms, it's still easily one of the best--and it points to career & employment resources all over the world.

Exploring Occupations
Another well developed university career exploration site.

Canada's SchoolNet
Aimed at students, but WOW!...what a resource for the creative and curious labour market info seeker. Good stuff!

A very entertaining site with a lot of different types of information available...self-assessment quizzes, articles...lots of stuff.


Business & Other Specific

(repeat listing) This Industry Canada site might be exactly what you need. There might be a more comprehensive Canadian Business information site on the 'Net somewhere...but we haven't found it. A good sleuth can read between the lines and find opportunities. Be creative and curious. Example: who does what you want to do--and where are they?

Human Resource Office for Employers in Canada
This is the best site we've seen for getting (for any province) information on labour standards, hiring practices, wage regulations etc. This is a terrific resource for employees, too.

Art Therapy In Canada
Site for Canadian Art therapists and anyone interested in Art Therapy.

B.C. Motion Picture Association Web Page
BC Film Industry links & resources.

Artigen Business Newswire
VERY up-to-date business news. Wow!!

Interactive Business Planner
What it says.

Salt Spring Island Chamber of Commerce
Worth a look--all sorts of people want to live there :-)

Business in Vancouver
Vancouver Business links & more.

The Women's Information Network
This is a very different site for women looking for mentors in traditional and (especially) non-traditional fields.

SCWIST Online Work Pathfinder
Science & tech career information for women. Don't miss.

Job Accomodation Network
This might be the 'Net's best starting point for those with functional limitations. Especially, check the points of interest section, which lists some of the 'Net's best resources regarding ability issues and work. You should know, too, that JAN also provides *an international toll-free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations and the employability of people with disabilities*.

Canadian Advanced Technology Association
Worth a look.

B.C. Biotechnology Alliance Resource Listings
Worldwide list of biotech companies

Canadian Biotechnology Company Directory
Another BIG biotech company listing--great for Canada

Agricultural Workforce Policy Board
Information for those wanting to work in the Agriculture industry. We've always loved this one, too.

Aboriginal Youth Business Council
First Nations Youth Entrepreneurial site

Construction Technology for Women
A look at some non-traditional work for women.

Education BC
Employment in BC's education sector.

Science Council of British Columbia
Information on science and technology companies.

Forestry Resources Cyberlist
Forestry industry BIG list.

Union Resource Network
Worldwide labour organization & union information and contacts.

Canadian Labour Congress
What it says...union & labour organization info.

International Alliance of Theatre and Stage Employees
If you're interested in this industry, you'll be fascinated by this site :-)

Salary Calculator
Calculator to help you figure out how much you will need to live in various Canadian and American areas.


Assessment & Quizzes

Career Development Manual: University of Waterloo
We've always been impressed with this site.
Although intended for women, this page gives you access to lots of good self-assessment type questionnaires and such. You'll have a good time and, hopefully, be able to apply what you discover about yourself--or re-affirm--in your search for work or a new career.

More self-assessment stuff here. A good site.

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