World Job Listings Links & Resources

Below you will find links to sites that list or point to listings of employment and jobs around the world. Some of the sites may also contain labour market information and other resources. If you are looking for opportunities around the world, we also advise you to check out the Hot Career Info Meta-Sites since many of the sites listed there also have pointers to world-wide employment opportunities.

Siam Net
Job opportunities in Thailand.

Hospitality Net
This site contains a searchable database of world-wide job listings for hospitality industry professionals, but there's a lot more here for hospitality pro's.

The Monster Board
This is possibly the largest database of international jobs on the 'Net. Excellent!

Great site for worldwide job hunting. This part of the site leads to over 700 online sites in over 40 countries, but we recommend you look at the whole site. Includes eastern Europe and Russia, Asia, Africa...

OnLine Career Centre--International
Searchable database of international job listings (Africa, Asia, etc.)

This is a terrific resource for Canadians looking for employment in the States. It requires registration but costs nothing. A very good idea.

CareerMosaic UseNet Search
A *forms* type UseNet search for employment around the world, courtesy of CareerMosaic, another meta-site worth exploring. In any case, this might be the easiest way to search the UseNet for job listings.

A Swiss-language site for people who want to work in Switzerland.

ExPat Forum
*Your stop on the Web for services and information about living, working, traveling, and doing business overseas*. You have to register to do some things, like post on the forum, but there's a lot of useful information even if you don't. This isn't exactly a job listing site--but it's terrific. If you want to work abroad, explore it.

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