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Note: I don't get paid for this, but: I play Lee OskarŪ Harmonicas most always.
I have a few Hohner Special 20's which I especially like in the low octaves, like low D.

And...I've finally found an inexpensive harp that I can recommend with absolutely no hesitation, a very serviceable, playable instrument with good quality control:
the Suzuki Harpmaster.

Follow the links at the top of the page to get to personal stuff about me, my teaching, equipment & history. Below are links to some of the most comprehensive harp sites on the Internet. More links are available on the lessons page.

General Harp Links
(Click here for on-line harmonica retailers)

No point re-inventing the wheel. These links will get you to 
(or point you to) the best harp stuff the WWW has to offer...

     Just what it says--pretty much all of the best.

John *The Colonel* Fuhrman's Personal Page
A terrific Vancouver player with years of ace reputation. 
He was real good (and good to me) when I was just a kid trying to learn. 

The BluesHarp Page
John (The Colonel) has put together a great harmonica reference 
with some unique links to interviews & more.

This site by "G" has terrific original articles on all sorts of harp stuff: 
techniques, amplification...lotsa stuff--and "G" is good writer, too. Top job!

Sherman *Tank* Doucette's New Homepage
Sherman is a very nice guy, and a harmonica powerhouse.

The Virtual Harp Museum
      This is Sherman's on-line harp museum

The Diatonic Harmonica Reference
       A top-notch and comprehensive resource for diatonic harps.

The Chromatic Harmonica Reference
 top-notch and comprehensive resource for chromatic harps.

Excellent resource including plans for building your own 
(inexpensive but good) blues harmonica microphone.

Still another great harp page. Links to online harp radio and much, much more.

Richard Hunter's Harmonica Site
Roam around this site for great articles on all sorts of aspects of playing.
A goldmine--especially for new players wanting to learn a lot fast!

Not a site, exactly--but a place to join a wonderful community of 
harp players online--amateurs to very solid pros.
By the way, the Harp-l archives are available at this location.

Another great online community of harp players.

UK National Harmonica League
Britain's national harmonica club, with members world wide, supporting and encouraging the playing of all types of music on the chromatic, diatonic, tremolo, octave and chord harmonicas. Paul Jones--President.

Harmonica Family Album (from France)
         just a very very cool idea. get involved :-)
(me in the Family Album)

Jon Gindick's Site 
Jon's books and other lesson material are classics--I am very sure that literally thousands of good players got started with Jon's stuff--and saved valuable time with his materials compared to trying to figure it out all alone. He's entertaining & so is his lesson material.

Blues and Celtic Harmonica Page by Glenn Weiser
a large (and very good) harmonica site with free tab, info on Glenn's books, 
discographies, and more 
Peter Krampert, author of the Encyclopedia of the Harmonica put this together. 
Check for a terrific Harp History and more.

Henry Chung's Blues Harp Page 
Henry plays in Washington DC and his site is cool. Especially useful are the references to lesser known but good players, and a link to Jimmy Chan's "Best Chinese page about harping and bending the blues" in Chinese. by Tinus 
There are a few things I like about this site:
One: the author knows his stuff, Two: he understands his readers have brains,
Three: the site is comprehensive about an only apparently  narrow subject, and
Four: this might be the Internet's best site to learn about 
diatonic harp overblows, overbends, & chromaticism.

Note: one of the scariest players in the province, a class act as a person and a constant source of inspiration for me, is Quadra Island's JOHN TOELLE
I wish we lived  lived closer to each other.  He doesn't gig much so you probably won't hear him--and it's a damn shame.


Please allow me a couple of non-harp links:

Summit School of Guitar Building & Repair

Great school, great instructors, great guitars and great friends. Check the site if you're looking for top-quality instruction in what can only be called a world-class natural environment. 

Sam Hurrie

What can I say about Sam. Check his site and his music--he's a sensational blues player, a gentleman and a gifted band leader. Hope that you're lucky enough to work with a groove-meister like this guy. And, man--does he know his blues history.

Rodrigo Figueroa

Rodrigo is a consummate guitarist...a consummate all-around musician. Bright, skilled and very gifted, Rodrigo writes, arranges and plays music that is alternately intensely rhythmic or hauntingly melodic. Treat yourself to a visit to his site, and check the mp3 downloads that only hint at what you have in store when you buy his albums.

John Cenname (medicine): I'd love to hear from you, good friend.

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